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New document questions Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry


(FOX 25 / - Another document has surfaced calling into question Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American heritage.  U.S. Senator Scott Brown wants her to "come clean" to the people of Massachusetts. 

On her web site, Cherokee Geneologist Twila Barnes has posted what she says is a photo of the death certificate for Warren's aunt, Bess Reed Veneck.  Veneck is identified on the form as "white," and not as "American Indian," which was also an option. 

Barnes points out that the document is dated 1999. During that same time period, she was identifying herself as a Native American in law school directories and to Harvard University. 

During a campaign stop in New Bedford, Brown told FOX 25, "It's completely contrary to what she's been telling you all for weeks, what for two and a half months now."  He went on to say "she needs to come clean.  The fact that she's misrepresented some pretty important facts about that story to the people of Massachusetts...they deserve better." 

Warren sent a statement to FOX 25, reiterating that her heritage has never played a role in her hiring.  Brown is calling on Warren to release personnel records to prove it.


Growing up, my mother and my grandparents often talked about our family's Native American heritage. As a kid, I never thought to ask them for documentation - what kid would? But I knew, even as a child, that my parents had eloped because my father's family didn't approve of my mother's background - she was part-Cherokee and part-Delaware. So this was an important part of our family story. The people involved in recruiting and hiring me for my teaching jobs - including Charles Fried, a Republican who served as solicitor general and who supported Scott Brown for Senate in 2010 - have all said that they were not even aware of my Native American heritage when they recruited me and that it played no role in my hiring.