• NE Unsolved: What happened to the Sox offense?


    DETROIT (MyFoxBoston.com) -- It's a true New England's Unsolved real-life mystery that's set in Comerica Park: What happened to the bats of the Boston Red Sox?

    The team that led the league in runs scored in the regular season has, so far, produced just ten runs in four American League Championship Games.

    The strike outs are piling up higher and higher. The muscle of the Boston Red Sox has simply vanished, leaving behind unsettling questions, no answers, only theories.

    The power outage in Detroit is real, and it is not limited to just the big lights.

    There are prime suspects in this case, at least four of them. They all have the nasty power, the secretive precision skill, of prolific serial killers.

    Only now their prey is the bats of the Boston Red Sox.

    The crime scene stretches from Boston's Yawkey Way to Detroit's Woodward Avenue.

    And if this mid-October mystery isn't broken soon, the wheels of the Red Sox playoff bus will really fall off.

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