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Nauset Light Beach lifeguard flees from shark on paddleboard


Photo taken in July 2011 near Chatham by the Cape Cod Shark Hunters.

(FOX 25 / - A 20-year-old Nauset Light Beach lifeguard had quite the scare on Friday when he encountered a shark while paddleboarding 100 yards from shore.

As part of his daily workout routine, Tyler Grees, of Eastham, headed out on his paddleboard to pick up and drop a buoy around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday.  When he turned to head back towards shore, he heard splashing and thrashing behind him, and beachgoers shouting ahead of him, reports the Cape Cod Times.

According to witnesses, a fin appeared roughly 25 feet from the lifeguard. The shark aggressively tugged at the buoy that Grees had just dropped.  

Grees did not have to turn around to know that something was not right.  He paddled in total shock back to shore thinking it could have been him instead of the buoy.

Beachgoers said it appeared that the shark was in attack mode.

Following the incident, officials closed the beach until 3 p.m. on Friday.

It is not known whether the shark was a great white or a basking shark.

For more information: Cape Cod Times

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