• Natick couple found dead in home


    NATICK, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Police and the state medical examiner's office were working to determine how a Natick couple in their 60s died in their home on Saturday.
    The bodies of Chester and Shirley Ju were found in their home at 42 Winter St. on Saturday evening, according to officials. Both were 64 years old. The medical examiner's office will perform autopsies to determine the exact cause of death.

    Neighbors were stunned, especially one man who knew the couple personally. He said everything seemed fine between the husband and wife. And Sunday, police and the district attorney's office declined to say anything more than this was a double fatality.

    "It's very sad. It's very sad, and I can't imagine the circumstances, really," said neighbor Terry Payton. "It's very sad."
    Police and the Middlesex County District Attorney stressed that the deaths were an isolated incident and there are no safety concerns for the public. No other details have been released.
    Natick police and state troopers assigned to the district attorney's office are investigating.

    Neighbors in this well-to-do Natick neighborhood were still wondering exactly what took place inside their neighbors' home Saturday night.

    "It's scary," said Steve Evers, another neighbor. "You know, you don't think it's going to happen next door."

    Police responded to the home at 42 Winter St. at about 6:30 Saturday evening. Inside, they found the bodies of both Chester and Shirley.

    Police and the Middlesex DA are responding by only saying this was a double fatality.  

    Evers was a friend of Shirley's.

    "I knew the wife fairly  well," he said. "She was very active with this program for food supply to Africa, and she recently canvassed the neighborhood and collected a lot of stuff."

    Evers was home last night, but heard nothing. He said the Jus lived next door for about 10 years. They  adopted two children, a girl and a boy. Sunday, a young man emerged from the home, though it's unclear who he was.

    Evers added that Shirley had just returned from a trip to Chicago, and that he had only recently met Chester.

    "Very quiet, very friendly," Evers said. "Actually, I met the husband last year, we had an outing in our yard, and we were able to meet all the neighbors, everybody got to know each other."

    And because of that, neighbors in this normally peaceful and quiet area didn't understand what happened. One did offer some possible insight, saying that the two were seeking a divorce.

    But others, including Evers, were unaware of a divorce.

    "They were wonderful neighbors," he said.

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