• Nanny docs: Blood found in diaper pail, on bedding


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – New documents have been released in the case of a nanny accused of severely beating and killing a one-year-old in her care.

    Aisling McCarthy Brady was held on $500,000 bail following the death of Rehma Sabir. Police said the 34-year-old had been the child's nanny for about six months, caring for her in the 34 Ash Street apartment.

    The probable cause documents, released Wednesday, say the child had serious injuries to her head, internal bleeding, massive brain swelling and a number of broken bones before her death.

    The documents also laid out a potential timeline of events on Jan. 14, when paramedics were first called to the child's Cambridge home.

    Brady told police that when she went to the home to care for the child the morning of Jan. 14, Rehma was "cranky as usual." She told investigators that she played normally with the child that morning.

    Brady said that about 10:20 a.m., the child got "whiny" and she put her in her crib for a nap. According to the documents, a neighbor told police that she heard a child crying in the apartment from about 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

    At about noon another parent dropped a child off with Brady for a "nanny share."

    According to documents, Brady told investigators that at about 1 p.m. she heard Rehma stirring and put the other child down for a nap in a separate bedroom. She told police that she gave Rehma a bottle, left the room to get her own lunch and came back to find the child slumping in a chair. She told police that she, believing Rehma was tired, put her down for another nap.

    Brady told investigators that when she and another person (whose name was redacted in the report) later went to wake the child up and they found her grinding her teeth, clenching her fists and stiffening her limbs.

    The other person connected with one of the child's parents, who told them to call 911. At the same time, the child's mother arrived home and called emergency crews.

    The baby was taken to Children's Hospital in Boston where she was pronounced brain dead. She died two days later.

    When state police investigators showed up the next day, they said they noticed that the drywall next to the baby's changing table was missing and that the remnants were on the floor. They said the damage was consistent with the corner of the table forcefully hitting the wall. The baby's parents told police that they didn't know when the damage appeared.

    Police said that during their investigation they also found baby wipes that tested positive for blood as well as a blanket and a pillow that also tested positive for blood. The baby's parents told investigators they weren't sure how the blood got there.

    A doctor who examined Rehma at Children's Hospital said the child was a victim of abusive head trauma that could have been caused by violent shaking, as well as hitting the baby's head on something.

    Investigators said they believe the child's fatal injuries happened between her last feeding and when she was found in her crib at about 4:30 p.m. They said Brady was the only one who would have had contact with the baby at the time.

    Federal authorities say Brady is in the U.S. illegally, coming over from Ireland in 2002 on a visa waiver and staying after it expired.

    According to Brady's attorney, the 34-year-old from Quincy had worked as a nanny for 13 years and had been working with Rehma Sabir's family for six months.

    Brady's attorney said Rehma could have been injured while traveling overseas during the holidays with her family.

    Brady kept profiles on nanny finder websites, including sittercity.com, and care.com. These profiles have since been removed.

    Brady also has a documented history of violence. FOX 25 found two people that have taken out restraining orders against Brady in the past, one from a boyfriend claiming he was physically attacked and another from a woman just last year saying Brady went online and accused her of abusing her kids.

    Brady is scheduled to appear in court for a pretrial hearing on February 22.

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