• MyFoxBoston.com Yearbook: Gov. Chris Christie, political leader you'd like to run for president


    MyFoxBoston.com voters named New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the political leader who they'd like to see run for president one day.

    Gov. Christie, who is no stranger to national spotlight, was thrust even further into the limelight while campaigning for Mitt Romney during the presidential election.

    The New Jersey governor's national presence deepened after Hurricane Sandy crippled portions of his state. Gov. Christie went into disaster mode and even toured the state's damage with President Obama.

    As cleanup continued, the governor praised President Obama for his assistance in the state. Some criticized Gov. Christie for what they saw as an embrace of the president just days before the election. Gov. Christie denied that he embraced the president and told reporters that he is a man who tells the truth. He says he gives credit where credit is due.

    Gov. Christie fans could have their presidential wish granted very soon. The Huffington Post recently reported that Gov. Christie says he will be more ready for a run in 2016 than he was for 2012.


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