• Murder victim's family speaks out against husband's taxpayer-funded sex change


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) The family of murder victim Cheryl Kosilek is speaking out against the taxpayer-funded sex change operation recently awarded to the man who killed her by a Massachusetts judge.

    Cheryl met her husband, Robert Kosilek, at a rehabilitation facility where she volunteered. Family members say Cheryl thoguth she could help Robert conquer his demons.

    In May 1990, Cheryl arrived home to find Robert dressed in her clothes and a fight ensued.

    Marlee Gomes, cheryl's cousin, tells FOX 25 that Robert strangled Cheryl with a wire and attacked her until she was almost decapitated. He then drove her body to the Emerald Square Mall and left her in the car, naked. Robert reported her missing shortly after.

    Robert is currently serving a life sentence and recently won a long battle to get a sex change paid for by the state.

    "You don't know what's it's like to know that your cousin was murdered like that and now he's being treated like a God," says Marlee Gomes.

    For Marlee, her biggest problem with the verdict isn't that taxpayers will be footing the estimated $20,000 bill for the surgery. She says it is more about the message the verdict sends to Kosilek and other people who want such a surgery or need a life saving surgery, but cannot afford it.

    "What do they have to do? Go out and commit a crime to get the surgery that they absolutely need to have," says Marlee.

    Cheryl's family has started an online petition asking for the judge in the case to reconsider his verdict and think about Cheryl Nash.

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