• Movie robbery scene so authentic, man calls police


    SALISBURY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- It had all the markings of an armed robbery. Suspects burst into a convenience store with a gun and the scene was so real that someone actually called police who later found out that it was all part of a movie.

    Four filmmakers were shooting a movie; they had the store owner’s permission. Their goal was to stage an armed robbery; problem was no one gave police a heads up.

    Imagine you're a customer at a Salisbury convenience store and you see a gun being waived in the clerks face. That's what happened to one man, so he called police. It turned out the only shooting going on was a movie and four filmmakers never notified police. However, they did have the permission of the store owner.

    “I didn't realize anyone had felt threatened at the time,” Actor Brad Haddock said.

    Haddock, 25, has a role in the film. He says they were shooting a scene where the store clerk gets robbed. Haddock was playing the role of one of the robbers, carrying a bat. The other actor Antoine Lee was using a BB gun.

    That's when police arrived.

    “Immediately officer jumped out pointed his gun at the building, I immediately understood what the problem must be,” he said.

    The other problem is that just a few days before this scene, Salisbury police responded to a real call of a man attacking people with a machete. After using a stun gun the man still came at them. Police fired four shots and killed the suspect.

    The store manager assumed the director did contact police when he gave them permission. The film crew is apologetic for what happened.

    Adam Pivacek, Haddock, Stephen Pivacek, and Lee were all charged with disorderly conduct. Haddock says he completely understands the officer's concerns.

    “They did their jobs ya know, it's completely necessary to respond the way that they did,” he said.

    The four men apologized to a judge in court and they all received eight hours of community service. After all that, they still hope to finish the movie.

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