• Mourners offer hope and support to Newtown, Conn.


    NEWTOWN, Conn. (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Many people are getting their first introduction to Newtown, Conn. through the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred on Friday.

    Mourners from far and wide are flocking to the close-knit community to pay their respects to the victims.

    Despite the outpouring, most people are realizing that it could take weeks, months, possibly even years, for Newtown to return to normal.

    "You have to be human to feel the pain of this community, of the parents, the mothers, the fathers who lost their loved ones," one of the mourners told FOX 25.

    Many of the victims were babies, completely innocent. They believed they were just going to school, but never made it home to tell their parents about their day.

    All the mourners may not have hailed from Newtown, but many were not far removed from tragedy.

    "I have a son who is a victim in Aurora, and we live nearby, and this is close to home," another mourner told FOX 25.

    Hopefully, the town gets the hope, love, and support it desperately needs to recover and move forward.

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