• Mother seeking justice for son who died 35 years ago


    LAWRENCE (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - A mother is still searching for answers 35 years after her then 3-year-old son died overnight in his sleep; however, she does not believe her son died of natural causes, but rather that something awful happened to him.

    On October 2, 1977, Darlene Levessaeur, then 19-years-old, left her son, Jojo Demers, downstairs with a neighbor for the night. She awoke to horrible screams, and the news that her child was dead.

    Hospital reports show that Jojo was dead on arrival, and that judging from the bruises, he appeared to be a battered child.

    Darlene saw the bruises on her son's body and immediately knew that something wasn't right. Her son's death certificate still lists cause of death as "under investigation."

    Lead paint poisoning was suspected at one point, but has since been ruled out.

    At the time, the Lawrence police chief told the media that foul play was not suspected, but in 2006, Darlene received a shocking phone call from someone that was in the apartment with her son the night he died.

    The caller reportedly told Darlene that Jojo was murdered. The caller told Darlene that her son was severely beaten for peeing on a couch.

    However, the caller recanted the story before undergoing official police interview.

    Darlene believes the caller is afraid, and without the interview, there's not much evidence.

    Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact Massachusetts State Police.

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