• Mother of child on Fitchburg 'Kill List' wants answers


    FITCHBURG, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A mother is outraged after finding out her daughter's name was on a so-called kill list a week after it was discovered. A Fitchburg student allegedly wrote a "Kill List" containing the names of less than 20 students.

    "I was shocked as soon as he said it, I honestly didn't know what to say," the mother said.

    The mother, whose name has not been reported in order to protect her privacy, is talking about the day she got a phone call from the principal at McKay Arts Academy in Fitchburg. She received the call over Christmas break, on Dec. 19.

    The principal told her the school had confiscated a notebook from a student and it contained a list of names and at the top it said "Kill List." Her 12-year-old daughter's name was on the list.

    "I wanted to know what was going on, how many kids were on the list, was it a boy, was it a girl? Who made the list? And he wasn't able to answer any of my questions," she said.

    Shocked and scared, she did some investigating and found out the list was confiscated by a teacher a week before any parents of kids on the list were notified.

    The school won't tell her how many names were on it, other than it's less than 20. She knows of 6 so far. And the list was written by a 12-year-old girl.

    "When asked why my child was on the list, the child that made the list said ‘because she annoyed me one day,'" the mother said.

    Now, the mom is outraged over how the school is handling her daughter and the other victims on the list. She claims no one from the school has reached out to make sure they are doing okay.

    "The victims on this list have not been addresses appropriately and they are not a top priority because they haven't been asked ‘How do you feel? How do you feel about being on a list where another student, child, and I say child because they're 12, wants to kill you?" she asked.

    A letter was sent home to families, saying the school is handling the situation, but she says that is not enough.

    "I feel for the child that made the list. I want to make sure that that child is taken care of, getting all the help and the resources she needs. However, the victims on the list, they haven't been provided any services. The letter that was sent home said they had been provided support services, no one talked to my child until this past Friday," she said.

    And while she's grateful her daughter was not physically harmed, she has been hurt emotionally and the school needs to recognize that, the mother said.

    The 12-year-old girl who wrote the list hasn't been in school since it happened and it's unclear if and when she'll go back.

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