Mother of 9/11 victim wants day of remembrance to live on


KINGSTON, Mass. ( -- On the anniversary of her son's death, Kingston resident Diane Hunt is remembering that day 12 years ago when her life changed forever and she wants to make sure no one else forgets it either.

Hunt is infuriated over what is happening as the years separate us from the attacks. Some local communities have canceled their commemorative events this year.

Hunt's son, Bill Hunt, a vice president at Eurobrokers, was working on the 84th floor of the South Tower when two planes hit the World Trade Center.

When FOX 25 caught up with Hunt Tuesday night, she continued to brag about her son as only a mother can.

"He was kind, honorable, loving, trustworthy," Hunt said of her son. The 32-year-old was one of the nearly 3,000 people killed in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

"We figured we'd be one of the lucky ones and have him come out of the towers, but he did not make it," Hunt recounted. "We've never found him to this day."

Never finding him makes his loss even more difficult. The pain of losing her child has not gotten any easier for Hunt in the 12 years since his death, but to her, it seems time has done its job from everyone else as she notices fewer memorials this year.

"People came onto our soil, American soil, the first time ever, and killed our loved ones on our soil. I figured American flags would be all over the streets today, and they're not, and it makes me very very sad to see that," said Hunt.

She spoke with FOX 25, hoping to keep alive the memory of those tragic events - those 3,000 people killed, and her son Bill.

Bill, who was living in Norwalk, Conn., at the time of his death, is survived by his 13-year-old daughter, Emma, who was only 15 months old when he died.

"She's got a little feistiness like Bill had, that little red-headed temper now and then," said Hunt of her granddaughter. "She'll never know, except through our eyes, the man who loved her the most and enjoyed every second of being her daddy."

Hunt says she felt the same way about being Bill's mother.

"I loved every second of being his mom," said Hunt.

"You're still his mom," FOX 25's Erica Ricci replied.

"I'll always be his mom, and he knows that," Hunt responded.

Wednesday's anniversary is the most difficult one for Hunt following the passing of her husband, who died suddenly in Oct. 2012. He always had a special role in the annual memorial service honoring Bill.

Emma and Bill's wife, Jennifer, will travel from Connecticut to be by Hunt's side.

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