• Mooooove over 'planking,' Harvard students prefer 'milking'


    First there was "planking," then there was "owling," then there was "Tebowing" and to some extent there was "Eastwooding." But the latest Internet trend is udderly ridiculous.

    Milking is the act of dumping milk on your head in a public place. And now it has come to the oldest institution of higher education in the United States.

    A video posted by the YouTube account Harvard Milkers shows various young men walking around Harvard's campus dumping half gallons of milk on their heads.

    Not content with just turning the crimson campus a lovely shade of white, the young gentlemen venture out into various parts of Cambridge to spread their lactic cheer.

    One illustrious young "milker" even takes it so far as to "milk" as he's boarding a Red Line train. (In case anyone is wondering how to clear a Red Line car, he's discovered the answer.)

    A number of Websites have already dubbed milking the dumbest meme ever concocted by the Internet. We're wondering if its appearance at Harvard has help curve the score.

    As of Wednesday afternoon the video has more than 7,400 views.

    Click here to watch the video.

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