• Molly Bish's family is hopeful new video will aid investigation


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Molly Bish's family is thankful that investigators continue to work to solve her missing person's case and believe the newly released video will aid the investigation.

    New video of prime suspect in Molly Bish's Murder

    Molly Bish's older sister Heather, who helped investigators come up with a sketch of the suspect, told FOX 25 that while the video is a little grainy and the suspect's hair is covering most of his face, she believes that the behavior in the video matches the profile of the prime suspect in Molly's death – Rodney Stanger.

    Molly Bish was last seen at Comins Pond in Warren in June 2000. Stanger abruptly moved to Florida in the fall of 2000, shortly after the first sketch of the suspect in the murder was released to the public. Stanger bears a strong resemblance to the sketch.

    Stanger is currently serving time for fatally stabbing his longtime girlfriend, Chrystal Morrison inside their trailer in Summerfield, Fla. on February 25, 2008. He was found naked inside a neighbor's home before being arrested and brought to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

    When it was time to talk at the sheriff's office, Stanger asked for a lawyer, only saying he had no idea why he was in trouble.

    Police released a video of Stanger just hours after he murdered Morrison this week.

    Stanger told police that he moved to Florida because there were people trying to kill him and he talks about murders back in Massachusetts, murders that made the local newspaper.

    Bish's family thinks the interview is a good sign that Stanger will end up saying more and more about the crime they are committed to solving.

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