• MIT student invents ice cubes that measure BAC, texts friends


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) An MIT graduate student took a bad drinking experience and turned it into a great invention: ice cubes that can gauge how intoxicated you are.

    The Daily Mail reports that Dhairya Dand was taken to the emergency room last year after drinking too much at a campus party. Dand had to write a 20-page paper about the dangers of binge drinking after his drunken night and says this paper inspired his invention.

    Dand created ice cubes that change color and play music according to how much you've had to drink. When the cubes turn red, that means the drinker needs to slow down. If they continue to drink after that red warning, the cubes send a text message to the drinker's friends that they need help.

    The cubes reportedly measure the number of sips taken, which is used to calculate the drinker's blood alcohol content. This reading is about 80-percent accurate.

    Dand tells the Daily Mail he plans to develop the ice cubes further.

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