• Menino discusses future plans, Boston mayoral election


    LOWELL, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – During a talk at UMass Lowell, Boston Mayor Tom Menino reflected on the past, hinted at his future, and repeated that he won't be endorsing in the race to fill his seat; however, he offered up some glowing praise for John Connolly and the so-called "Mom Machine" knocking on doors for him.

    "John has these mothers throughout the City of Boston because he's involved in the issue of education. I might differ on education with John, but he has that one issue that he really continues to work on," the mayor said.

    Either way, he says it will be a close race.

    So after 20 years at City Hall, what's next for the mayor?

    During the sit-down with former Boston Globe reporter Brian Mooney, Mayor Menino said he has received several offers from local universities, including Northeastern, Harvard, BU, Suffolk, and a couple of others. He said he will make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

    Mayor Menino said he may lecture, teach, put together conferences, and work with young people. He also talked candidly about the marathon bombings, the search for the suspects, the shelter in place order, and even how he checked himself out of the hospital against the doctor's orders.

    As he leaves the job he loves, Mayor Menino looks back and says he is most proud of the city's diversity and inclusiveness.

    "I think my greatest achievement is making Boston a different city. Boston was a real racist city at one time. I think I brought people together more than ever before," the mayor said.

    So what's the one thing Mayor Menino will have to start doing that he hasn't done in two decades?

    "I haven't driven a car in 20 years…Do they still have clutches?" Mayor Menino said. He might have to learn depending on where he decides to teach.

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