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MEMA warns swimmers of possible rip tides


 FRAMINGHAM, Mass. ( -- MEMA officials are warning swimmers to take precautions as Hurricane Arthur is expected to bring large swells to Massachusetts beaches.

Emergency management officials remind swimmers that even as Arthur is expected to pass 100 miles east of Massachusetts, the storm is expected to cause dangerous rip tide conditions.

MEMA offered several tips for those planning to be near the water this weekend:

- Always check surf conditions

- Never swim alone and preferably swim on beaches with lifeguards

- Always be aware of the dangers of rip currents. Swimmers should swim parallel to the beach, never against the current, until they can find an area where the current is weaker. If a swimmer cannot escape the current, they should float or tread water and call or wave for assistance.

- If you see a swimmer in trouble, get help from a lifeguard or call 911 if one is not available

- Never turn your back to the ocean due to the threat of waves that can come without warning

- Be careful while standing on sea walls

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