• Medical pot laws & treats may send more kids to ER


    CHICAGO (AP) — The lead author of a Colorado study of medical marijuana says the results point out the need to again remind adults to keep medicines out of the reach of kids.

    The study suggests that increased use of medical marijuana may lead to more young children getting sick from accidentally eating food made with the drug.

    Medical marijuana items include yummy-looking gummy candies, cookies and other treats that may entice young children. Fourteen children were treated at Colorado Children's Hospital in the two years after a 2009 federal policy change led to a surge in medical marijuana use. That's when federal authorities said they would not prosecute legal users.

    Dr. George Sam Wang, an emergency room physician at the hospital, says study cases were mostly mild, but parents should know about potential risks.

    The study was released Monday in JAMA Pediatrics.

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