• MBTA rider finds almost $600 in cash on train, turns it in to police


    (FOX 25 /MyFoxBoston.com) – A Red Line rider is being praised after he found nearly $600 in cash on the train and did the right thing: made sure the money was returned to the owner.

    The unidentified man, who was on an inbound train from the JFK/UMass station on December 14, saw a plain white envelope on a seat. It was stuffed with hundreds of dollars in cash.

    According to police, the passenger asked riders around him if it was theirs, but no one tried to claim the cash.

    When the rider then got off at the South Station stop, he immediately handed the money over to a sergeant on duty.

    "Occasionally we hear concerns from our riders regarding a fellow passenger's rudeness or in some cases the fundamental lack of civility displayed towards one another while riding the MBTA," Transit Police said in a statement.

    On December 18, the rightful owner, a house keeper at a local hotel and a resident of Dorchester, went to Transit Police headquarters and identified "certain distinct aspects of the envelope" the money was in.

    "To the male who turned over the money, we salute you! Great Holiday spirit, lets keep it going year round and look out for one another while riding the MBTA," officers said.

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