• Mayor-elect Walsh: Federal law targets too many


    BOSTON (AP/MyFoxBoston) - Boston Mayor-elect Martin Walsh says if he can find a way around enforcing a federal law targeting people living in the country illegally, he'll take it.

    Walsh said he believes the federal Secure Communities program casts too wide a net, scooping up many immigrants living illegally in the U.S. for nonviolent offenses, such as driving infractions, which can lead to their deportation.

    The program allows the Department of Homeland Security to access fingerprints taken by local police, and check the prints against an immigration database to find illegal immigrants and possibly deport them.

    Walsh told reporters if there is a way to get around the law, he won't continue to enforce it.
    The Secure Communities program shares fingerprints of the immigrants arrested in Massachusetts with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

    The law has been faulted by immigrant advocates and by other top officials in the state, including Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

    Backers say the program can help police identify potentially dangerous individuals.

    Walsh said there is a piece of legislation on Beacon Hill called the "Trust Act" that could help with some of the issues he sees.

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