Mayor Walsh holds first press conference, discusses public safety


BOSTON ( -- Boston Mayor Marty Walsh held his first press conference Monday afternoon, hours after he was officially sworn into office.

The press conference came after a meeting with acting Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, and community leaders to discuss public safety in the city.

Mayor Walsh touched on violence in Boston in his inauguration speech Monday morning, saying that while it was admirable that there were fewer murders in the city in 2013  than in years past, "40 homicides still represents 40 grieving mothers too many."

Walsh said that the city's public safety needs better funding, but the fact that the city needs more money for violence prevention initiatives "is not going to stand in our way" of tackling the issue. 

Walsh declined to talk about other issues he's facing, or decisions he's making as incoming mayor, though he did say that when he first walked into his new office, his mother was sitting in the mayor's chair.

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