• Mattapan massacre trial to go to jury Wednesday


    Closing statements have been delivered in the case against Dwayne Moore and the jury will be given the case on Wednesday.

    Moore is accused of herding four adults and a child into a Mattapan alley and spraying them with gunfire during a botched drug robbery.Three of the adults and the toddler died. One man, Marcus Hurd, survived but was left paralyzed.

    A new trial began in October for Moore after Hurd reversed his original statement saying he could identify Moore as the shooter. He had initially refused to cooperate with investigators claiming he didn't want to be labeled as a snitch.

    "The code of the streets means you don't talk to the police, you know? Around my peers that's not accepted," said Hurd. "You get labeled as a snitch or rat then you're dog food -- people eat you alive in your neighborhood."

    Hurd testified in court that he and the other victims were marched down a street naked and were shot. It was expected that Hurd would identify Moore directly during his testimony, but prosecutors did not ask him to do so.

    A Boston jury deadlocked on most charges against Moore in his first trial in March. Co-defendant Edward Washington was acquitted. Jurors were brought in from Worcester County for the new trial.

    Moore faces charges including four counts of first-degree murder, and assault in the wounding of a fifth.

    Prosecutors say the victims were herded into a street in Mattapan and shot. Defense lawyers challenged a key prosecution witness who admitted taking part in the robbery.


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