• Massachusetts Movie Madness Final Round Voting



    Duh dun. Duh dun. Duhdunduhdunduhdunduhdun...Ok, ok, you get the point. Jaws -- the unstoppable killing machine -- in addition to a bear, a storm of the century and Charlestown on its list of victims, Jaws took down Boston movie icons Mark Wahlberg (twice) and Ben Affleck. All that stands in its way now is Matt Damon.

    1. Jaws - One of the most suspenseful films ever made, Jaws was responsible for scores of beachgoers refusing to even dip their pinky toes in the ocean even on 110 degree days. It's so frightening, in fact, that Fox 25 Senior Web Producer Doug Perry refused to swim in lakes or murky swimming pools as a child. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the 1975 horror flick starred Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper and Robert Shaw as the venerable Quint. The cherry on top, Martha's Vineyard was turned into the fictional Amity Island, localizing the terror for just about everyone in New England. As such, it's an easy pick as our top seed.

    2. Good Will Hunting - I'm secretly hoping Good Will Hunting takes the Top of the Hub award in this contest simply so we can say "How do you like them apples?" on air. The screenplay for the 1997 iconic Boston film earned Matt Damon and Ben Affleck their first Academy Awards and nabbed a Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar for Robin Williams. The film stars Damon as an MIT Janitor/Math Prodigy with a world of emotional problems and Williams as his psychologist. Affleck gets props for his role as Damon's blue collar buddy from Southie and Minnie Driver rounds out the perfect cast as Damon's love interest and Harvard student, Skylar. Even if it doesn't win this contest, we're still giving Good Will Hunting the "Best Movie About An MIT Janitor/Math Prodigy Ever" award.


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