Mass. Sen. Wolf to suspend campaign for Gov., resign from Senate


BOSTON ( – State. Sen. Dan Wolf says he will resign his senate seat and suspend his campaign for Governor after a ruling by the Massachusetts Ethics Commission.

The ruling found that Wolf's ownership stake in Cape Air presents a conflict of interest because of the airline's agreements to fly in to and out of Logan Airport. The committee said that Wolf would have to address the conflict or abandon his gubernatorial bid and resign from the legislature.

Wolf released a statement Thursday morning saying that he doesn't believe the agreements with Massport are a conflict of interest because the fees and leases the airline pays are the same that any airline pays to use Logan Airport.

Wolf said that the commission had been aware of his ownership stake in Cape Air since May 2010, but didn't rule on the conflict until three weeks after he announced his campaign for governor. He said that the commission's recommendation that Cape Air end all ties with Logan would destroy a Massachusetts company and put 1,000 people out of work.

He also said that divesting himself in the company would undermine it and saddle it with a load of debt.

Wolf said that unless the commission changes its finding he has no choice but to resign from the senate effective Aug. 29 and suspend his campaign for governor.

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