• Mass. prosecutors seek help after drug lab cases


    NORTHAMPTON (AP) - Massachusetts district attorneys say they'reundertaking internal case reviews to determine if any of their prosecutionsinvolved a chemist accused of stealing drugs at a state lab in Amherst.

    Last month, a chemist at a lab in Boston was indicted on charges in a casethat threatens to unravel thousands of drug convictions.

    The Massachusetts District Attorneys Association said Sunday prosecutorsremain committed to ensuring the rights of defendants are respected and willremain proactive in identifying possibly compromised cases and notifyingdefense attorneys.

    The association says the fallout from the Boston case includes experiencedprosecutors being taken out of rotation to serve on Department of Public Healthtask forces. It urges lawmakers to give prosecutors the resources they need toensure "proper functioning" of the state's criminal justice system.

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