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Mass. officials heading to Florida to re-interview possible Bish suspect


Massachusetts investigators are preparing to travel to Florida so that they can re-interview a potential suspect in the murder of Molly Bish.

The Worcester County District Attorney's office confirmed on Wednesday that they will be heading south to talk to Rodney Stanger.

Stanger is an admitted killer who resembles the sketches in the Bish case. It was just days ago that FOX 25's Bob Ward reported that the sister of Stanger's victim recently retrieved items from Stanger's trailer that may connect him to the Bish case.

The cluttered Summerfield, FL trailer where Stanger lived is also the same place he stabbed his long-time girlfriend, Chrystal Morrison. Morrison's sister, Bonnie Kiernan, and her friend, Scott Reynolds, shot home video of the trailer.

In the bedroom, they found the murder scene where evidence of the violence is still present.

In a kitchen cabinet, they found Stanger's wallet which held his Massachusetts firearms I.D. card that was renewed just weeks before Molly Bish's murder. That card bears an I.D. picture that closely resembles the sketches of a mystery man in the Bish case who has still not been identified. The victim's sister and her friend say the wallet was hidden in the back of the bottom shelf.

Outside of the trailer, they found video cameras in the trees and barbed wire wrapped around the home.

Photographs that included shots of Florida law enforcement were found inside the trailer.

The biggest find were keys to Stanger's safety deposit box. It is likely that Massachusetts investigators will be checking to see if there is anything in the box that might solve the twelve year old Bish case when they arrive in Florida.