Mass. Most Wanted: August 12


From stealing jewels to swiping vacuum cleaners, our suspects run the gamut in this week's Mass. Most Wanted.

In Wrentham, police say this guy went to the Zales Outlet and got more than just a bargain. They think he took off with a one-carat diamond bracelet worth more than $6,000.

Wrentham police: 508-384-2121
Investigator: Detective Sgt. Jim Barrett
Case: 18910

In Seekonk police say this man stole two robotic vacuums worth hundreds of dollars from the Target store. Police say he left from an emergency exit and took off in a red sedan.

Seekonk police: 774-991-3263
Investigator: Detective Dave Mahoney
Case: 18908

Stoughton police say this young man committed ID theft and credit card fraud at the Douglas Wine and Spirits last weekend. They say he spent hundreds of dollars and may have forged a document from the RMV.

Stoughton police: 781-344-2424
Investigator: Flanagan
Case: 18912


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