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Mass. man sets Guinness Record for longest river ride on a pumpkin



TAUNTON, Mass. ( – September is here and that means pumpkin is in; pumpkin beers, pumpkin muffins and even a pumpkin boat!

Todd Sandstrum broke a Guinness World Record by boating down the Taunton River in a pumpkin for the ‘longest journey in a pumpkin boat (paddling).’

On Saturday, Sandstrum loaded his 817-pound pumpkin into the river in and paddled more than 3 mile.

“I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even think a pumpkin that big would float,” Deb Newport, an onlooker, said.

Sandstrum said the ride was a way to raise understanding for the importance of agriculture through an organization he started in conjunction with the statewide Plant Something program.

"Agriculture in Massachusetts continues to enjoy a resurgence because more and more people care about where the food comes from and who grows it," Sandstrum said. "Even if you don't become a farmer or grower, you can still develop an appreciation for the time and effort involved in growing something."