• Mass. lawmaker wants Middlesex DA to resign amid Remy scandal


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Mass. lawmaker is calling for the resignation of Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan following the arrest of murder suspect Jared Remy.

    Over 15 years, Jared Remy has had 15 criminal complaints lodged against him. Four of the complaints were assault and battery charges involving women; however, last Wednesday Jared Remy, son of broadcasting legend Jerry Remy, walked out of a Middlesex County courtroom on personal recognizance after being charged with slamming Jennifer Martel's head into a bathroom mirror.

    Police say after Jared Remy was released he went to Martel's home Thursday and stabbed her to death while their 4-year-old daughter was nearby.

    "It seems to me that a competent person looking at that would have held that person. We're talking about someone who is a violent offender - four times, assault and battery against women. That person should not have been allowed back out on the street - period," Rep. Jim Lyons R - Andover, told FOX 25's Crystal Haynes.

    Jared Remy is charged with Martel's murder, but Rep. Lyons says Ryan shares responsibility in the young mother's death. Rep. Lyons wants her to resign.

    "When you have a level of incompetence that reaches that degree, it's time for the person who put the victim in harm's way again to take responsibility and move on," he said.

    In a statement to FOX 25, a spokesman for Ryan says "this is an unfortunate attempt to politicize a tragic situation. Our focus is on prosecuting the person responsible for killing Jennifer and seeking justice for her and her family."

    "What we have here is a victim of domestic violence who reached out to the system and the system totally failed her," Rep. Lyons said.

    Officials in the prosecutor's office told The Boston Globe their conversations with Martel were a big factor in how they pursued charges against Remy, especially the fact she told them she wasn't going to file a new restraining order against him after the incident with the mirror.

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