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Mass. firm to create replacements for TSA's full-body scanners


BOSTON (FOX 25 / A Massachusetts-based organization has been tapped to build replacement full-body scanners for the TSA.

According to the Boston Business Journal, the L-3 Security and Detection Systems, the Mass.-based security division of L-3 Communications, received a contract for $245 million with the TSA back in November to create image-free detectors, as well as "safe millimeter wave technology."

The firm's scanners will use a generic cartoon-like character in place of the X-ray images created by the scanners currently in use.

The TSA announced plans to scrap the full-body X-ray scanners on Friday amid privacy concerns. They say manufacturer of the X-ray scanners failed to come up with a solution that would use a cartoon figure rather than X-ray images of airline passengers.

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