• Mass. Bar Association: One Fund Boston payout method flawed


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – The charity set up in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings could get slapped with a lawsuit. The Massachusetts Bar Association says the One Fund payout method is flawed, and many victims aren't receiving the compensation they deserve.

    Almost a week after checks went out to victims of the blasts, the Massachusetts Bar Association says it's not enough and they want victims to have the chance to appeal for more.

    How can that be with $60 million worth of donations and more coming in?
    The group says there are some victims who didn't spend a single night in the hospital and that counts against them.

    Administrators calculated each person's cut based on injuries and length of time in a medical facility. But there are some victims whose injuries didn't require that kind of care, and yet they were unable to work.
    According to The Boston Globe, some of those victims received just $8,000 in compensation.
    The bar association wants victims to have the chance to appeal for more and they've reached out to Attorney General Martha Coakley. A spokesman for Coakley told the paper they have seen the bar association's request, but didn't say if she would advocate for an appeal process.

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