• Marvel Comics creates superhero in honor of NH boy


    SALEM, NH (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Marvel Comics is showing a young New Hampshire boy that superheroes are as unique as they are strong.

    Anthony Smith cannot hear out of his right ear and suffers from hearing loss in his other ear. The 4-year-old from Salem wears a hearing aid, but he woke up one day and decided he wouldn't put it on.

    Anthony told his mother that superheroes don't wear hearing aids. His mother decided to look to Marvel Comics for some assistance. She e-mailed the comic empire known for its popular superheroes like Spider-man and the Avengers, looking for examples of superheroes who suffer from hearing loss.

    Marvel responded with the image of a superhero known as Hawkeye, a superhero who lost 80-percent of his hearing and wears hearing aids.

    Marvel didn't stop there. They later sent Anthony a drawing of a new superhero, "Blue Ear." The character is named after Anthony's hearing aid, which he and his mother have always called blue ear.

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