• Marshfield couple has power restored days after storm


    MARSHFIELD (MyFoxBoston.com) Wednesday marked the sixth day that some Marshfield residents went without heat and power.

    An army of power crews visited the town on Wednesday night. FOX 25's Heather Hegedus spoke with one Marshfield couple who had their power restored shortly after their arrival.

    "It's like camping without the fun," says Peter. "It gets older the older you get."

    Peter and his wife Susan say the novelty of being trapped alone in the dark has definitely worn off.

    "It's more like, okay I need a little more space now because it's nobody but the two of us," explains Susan. "We had a visiting son one night- he left."

    The Marshfield couple says they roughed it with their cat, Homer, since Friday night.

    "It went out once, came back, went out again, and never came back on," says Susan of the power in her home.

    Peter says he didn't realize it would take so long for power to be restored. The couple thought they could tough it out for a day or two. They have survived dangerously cold temperatures, at one point, huddled in their basement as their thermometer read 37 degrees inside.

    The couple says they were worried about the pipes freezing, but learned a few tricks.

    "Open up the cabinets and make sure the water is running,"says Susan.

    Luckily, someone loaned the couple a generator, but they had to prioritize and chose to heat the home instead of saving the foot in their refrigerator or having light.

    "I cleaned the refrigerator it could go on a showroom floor now," says Susan of her now empty fridge.

    The couple was not outraged at being among the last homes to have power restored after the storm.

    "Someone has gotta be last I guess," says Peter.

    As of mid-evening Wednesday, NStar said it had about 500 customers without power, mostly in Marshfield and Plymouth, and expected to finish restoration ahead of its Thursday time estimate.

    National Grid was down to about a dozen isolated outages.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report

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