• Markey's Senate bid aided by PACs, outside groups


    BOSTON (AP) — Edward Markey relied heavily on support from political action committees and outside groups during his U.S. Senate campaign, including more than a million in donations from groups that could end up advocating for or against legislation before committees Markey now serves on.

    An Associated Press review of campaign finance records shows that the $1.1 million in PAC contributions include checks of $5,000 or more from more than 100 committees.

    Markey raised a total of $9.1 million, including $8 million in individual contributions.

    Markey also benefited from about $2 million in independent expenditures from labor, environmental and other groups.

    The flood of money helped propel Markey over his Republican challenger, Gabriel Gomez, in June.

    Markey says the support from PACs and outside groups won't sway his votes and won't guarantee those groups have his ear.

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