• Markey continues to stonewall Fox 25 debate


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – U.S. Rep. and candidate for U.S. Senate Ed Markey continued to refuse to a debate on Fox 25 News, even though his opponent has said he'd do it.

    U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch told Fox 25's Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti Wednesday that he'd be happy to debate Markey on Fox 25, even though the two already had a pre-set number of debates.

    At a campaign stop in Lynn on Friday, Sacchetti asked Markey why he refused to debate Lynch or sit down with Fox 25 for an interview.

    "We've had a negotiation with Steve Lynch over our debates and we've already completed those negotiations so it's been a collaboration with him and it's all set," said Markey. "We're going to be debating him four times. Three times in the next two weeks."

    "But not in front of Fox 25 viewers?" asked Sacchetti.

    Markey continued to put up a wall.

    "Well you know Steve and I have already reached an agreement about the four debates we're going to have," said Markey. "It was negotiated over a several week period. Steve and I agreed that that would be the schedule."

    "Congressman, you're the candidate for Senate. You're the frontrunner. You say it happens and it happens. You can make it happen," said Sacchetti.

    "Again, Steve and I have agreed to do four debates and I'm going to be debating him in all four corners of the state," said Markey.

    Markey then suggested that Fox 25 air another media outlet's debate live with UMass college students asking questions of the 36-year veteran congressman, instead of seasoned journalists.

    "You're the only senate candidate who won't come to our studios. I just don't know why that is," said Sacchetti.

    "I welcome Fox to cover the Lowell debate live," said Markey.

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