• Marathon victim says support kept her spirits high after amputation


    BOSTON (AP) - A Boston Marathon bombing victim says she hasn't felt devastated since making a decision to let a doctor amputate her injured left foot.

    Heather Abbott, a 38-year-old resident of Newport, R.I., said Thursday that a wave of support is keeping her spirits buoyed since her below-the-knee amputation Monday.

    Her surgeon says she could have kept the injured foot, but it could have caused one leg to be shorter than the other and left her with chronic pain.

    The Brigham and Women's Hospital patient says she walked 10 feet with a walker Thursday, and expects to be able to resume an active lifestyle in the future.

    Abbott's doctor says she'll start walking on a temporary prosthetic device in about six weeks and get a permanent prosthetic in four to six months.

    To donate to a fund created for Heather: http://www.gofundme.com/HeatherAbbott

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