• Mansfield selectman uses Twitter account to question hiring process of local business


    WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Mansfield selectman used his public Twitter account to question a local businesses’ hiring practices and some people in the town found it quite offensive.

    They were hiring at a West Bridgewater Lowes, but one Mansfield selectman took exception to the way the store put the word out, snapping a picture and tweeting, "What level of customer service can I expect for applicants who need the lower half of this sign?"

    "I'm asking a simple question of, you know, as an English speaking customer of a store should I be able to expect, that if I have a question about something I’m interested in buying, or something that I need help with what I need to buy to fix something in my house should I not be able to communicate with the representative of that store?" Mansfield Selectman Oliver Kozwolski said.

    The tweet got swift response, some saying it's offensive and some support Kozwolski. The reaction among Mansfield residents was mixed.

    “There's a lot of people that can't read English. That doesn't mean they shouldn't get a job there,” resident Michelle Grosso said.

    “People living in the United States and especially those who are citizens ought to know language,” another resident Arlene Coccia said.

    Lowes has since taken down the sign and say they're not going to comment directly on the tweet, but that their goal is to provide excellent customer service and that includes hiring people who speak many languages.

    Kozwolski said he hesitated at first before sending the tweet, but says he felt the issue was an important one. Judging from the town and Twitter reaction, it's a least sparked debate.

    "Nowadays you can't talk about some issues, or you risk talking about issues for fear of being accused of things,” he said.

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