• Mansfield dog put down after attacking two people


    MANSFIELD, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Mansfield dog that attacked two people has been put down.

    Three-year-old Milo's owners turned him over to the Mansfield Animal Shelter Monday after he attacked his owner's 16-year-old daughter this past weekend. She was left with serious injuries to her face and leg.

    Just days ago, Mansfield town leaders voted to euthanize the dog after it attacked a young boy in January. That victim had bites all over his body and needed 400 stitches.

    The family originally planned to fight to keep Milo alive, but decided to give up the battle.

    The Mansfield animal control officer said Milo would most likely continue to attack people if he was allowed to live. He said both attacks were unprovoked.

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