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Man steals 250 pound safe from Weymouth restaurant


Weymouth, Mass. ( – A man stole a 250 pound safe from a South Weymouth restaurant Sunday night.

The man walked into the backdoor of Stockholders Steakhouse in South Weymouth Sunday night, during a very busy time at the restaurant. He immediately went down the backstairs of the eatery and into the office, where he allegedly found and took a 250 pound safe. He worked alone, and managed to carry the safe out, undetected.

"It was almost like a perfect storm, he had some kind of information, I'm thinking from the inside or someone that knew what was going on here at the time," said Erik Hynes, co-owner of the restaurant.

There was a large party going on at the restaurant, occupying the staff.

The restaurant is offering a $2500 reward for the safe.