• Man reunited with dog that jumped from car


    HAMPTON, N.H. - A man in Hampton, N.H. was reunited with his dog after she jumped from his car on Interstate 495.

    Duffy McCarthy pulled over on I-495 in Haverhill to fix a trailer that had come loose from his car when his border collie, Roxy, jumped out of the vehicle and ran into traffic.

    "She jumped right ouf of the car and ran right into the side of a vehicle going by us," said McCarthy. "She was basically hit right in front of us."

    McCarthy said he, a couple of friends and his brothers spent hours looking for the dog to no avail. McCarthy then told his wife what had happened.

    "The last thing I said to my wife was, 'please put this on Facebook,'" said McCarthy. "Once it hit Facebook people started calling and asking if they could help."

    McCarthy returned to the area later that night but was not able to find Roxy. He said the next day he and his wife were up at 5 a.m. looking for her.

    "The odds of her really making it with the traffic there was is amazing," said McCarthy.

    While McCarthy was out the second time he said he got a call from his sister-in-law who said the dog had been left at the Hampton Police Department.

    "Within about five minutes we knew Roxy was safe," said McCarthy.

    It turned out that two people had found Roxy in the median on the highway and brought her to the Hampton toll booths. From there she was taken to a veterinarian by state police.

    She was treated for some cuts but was otherwise fine.

    McCarthy said he doesn't know who brought the dog in, but said he wishes he could thank them in person.

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