• Man rescues puppy being attacked by fisher


    HAMPSTEAD (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – A 56-year-old Hampstead man and his 10-month-old puppy were injured during an encounter with a fisher.

    According to the Eagle Tribune, it happened Tuesday night as James Maranto was taking out the trash and his dog, Bentley, disappeared. After hearing a shriek, Maranto found the Cockapoo just moments later close to his neighbor's bird feeder and pinned to the ground by the fisher, a long, brown animal similar to a weasel that feeds on small mammals.

    Maranto told the newspaper the fisher had Bentley by the throat. So Maranto kicked and grabbed the fisher, but it scratched his hands and then ran off.

    Bentley's nose was scratched and he was bleeding from the mouth. He was taken to Brentwood Animal Hospital. Maranto and his dog received rabies shots as a precaution.

    Fish and Game wildlife biologist Patrick Tate told the Eagle Tribune it's unusual for a human to get that close to a fisher since they are afraid of people. They usually come close to humans if they are hungry.

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