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Man nabbed for fare evasion wanted on 5 different warrants


BOSTON ( -- MBTA Transit Police arrested a man wanted on several warrants after they noticed he was trying to evade paying the subway fare at Tufts Medical Center station.

Transit police say 35-year-old Giovanny Perdomo of Jamaica Plain tried to avoid paying subway fare on Friday by "piggybacking" behind a paying customer. Officers only planned on citing Perdomo for fare evasion, but then found that multiple warrants had been issued for his arrest.

Perdomo was wanted for possession of a Class A substance in Boston Municipal Court, Roxbury District Court, and Quincy District Court.

A warrant had also been issued out of Brighton District Court for shoplifting over $100, and in Chelsea District Court for driving without a license.

In addition to issuing a fare evasion citation, Transit Police brought him to headquarters to go through the booking process.