• Man linked to Boston murder weapon says he and Aaron Hernandez are ‘clean’


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – The controversy surrounding Aaron Hernandez seems to be never-ending, and while it began with one murder accusation, it has since possibly expanded to include another deadly incident that occurred in Boston's South End in July 2012.

    Hernandez's fiancée, as well as some of his friends and family members, have been called before a judge to answer questions about the murder of Odin Lloyd and a Boston shooting that killed Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu.

    John Alcorn, also known as "Chicago," is one such friend. The 21-year-old appeared before a grand jury just a few weeks ago after he was linked to a .38 Special, a gun authorities believe was used in the double-murder.

    At the time, Alcorn did not want to comment; however, he and his lawyer recently talked with FOX 25's Ted Daniel about the accusation, as well as his ties to Hernandez.

    Alcorn, a former semi-professional football player, was born in Chicago and moved to Hernandez's hometown of Bristol, Conn. seven years ago.

    "You know Bristol is not getting a good look. They are all trying to make us seem like monsters out here, but it's not really like that," Alcorn said.

    Alcorn's most recent trouble began in late June when a young woman named Jailene Diaz-Ramos got into a car crash just outside of Springfield.

    According to court documents, police found a .38 caliber revolver and three loose rounds in her car. When asked about the gun and the ammunition, the same documents say Diaz-Ramos blamed Alcorn and his friends.

    Diaz-Ramos allegedly told Alcorn she gave up his name because she was scared. Alcorn told FOX 25 he has no connection to the weapon and has no idea how it ended up in Diaz-Ramos' car. Alcorn's Bristol-based attorney Matthew Dyer offered up a possible theory saying Diaz-Ramos may have felt pressured to give up a name.

    Within weeks after the gun was confiscated from Diaz-Ramos' car, police sent it out for ballistics testing which found it was the same weapon used in the Boston double-murder that killed Furtado and Abreu.

    A law enforcement source had previously told FOX 25 a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver is believed to have been used in the fatal South End shooting.

    As FOX 25 first reported, Hernandez is a possible suspect in the double murder. In an interview with FOX 25 earlier this month, one of the survivors said Hernandez even pulled the trigger.

    In addition to growing up in the same town, Hernandez and Alcorn are loosely related. Alcorn told FOX 25 his recently deceased cousin, T.L. Singleton, married Hernandez's cousin named Tanya.

    The Singletons live at 114 Lake Ave. in Bristol where, according to a police source, the suspected get-away vehicle from the Boston double-murder was found hidden in the garage.

    Alcorn told FOX 25 he is clean and he believes Hernandez is too, saying he can't wait until he "gets out and scores some more touchdowns."

    Because grand jury proceedings are closed to the public, it is not known what, if anything, Alcorn said about the .38 Special, Hernandez, or the double-murder.

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