• Man convicted of killing of ex-girlfriend at work


    WORCESTER (AP) - A Worcester man convicted of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and wounding another man at an auto parts store where she worked has been sentenced to mandatory life without parole.

    Forty-two-year-old William Goddard was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced Monday in the 2008 death of 30-year-old Kelly Brackley of Auburn. Goddard also was convicted of aggravated kidnapping, assault and weapons charges.

    Jurors rejected his insanity defense.

    Prosecutors said Goddard went to Action Crash Parts in Webster, shot Brackley in the neck and shot her boss, who also was her new boyfriend, in the arm. Brackley leaves five children.

    Prosecutors said Goddard threatened another worker at gunpoint as he sought Brackley. He was acquitted of six assault counts related to shots he allegedly fired as he fled the building and during a police helicopter pursuit.

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