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Man calls 911 after getting stuck on Nantucket buoy


NANTUCKET, Mass. (AP) — Nantucket's harbor master and a firefighter rescued a man who was found clinging to a buoy in Polpis Harbor.

>>>Listen: Man stranded on buoy calls 911

In a 911 call released Wednesday, the man told dispatchers that he was fishing Sunday night when the tide came in and swept him off his feet. He told dispatchers he was able to swim to a buoy.

During the call the man, who identified himself as 39-year-old Justin Bell, told dispatchers that he had been in the water for about a half an hour and was getting cold.

Bell was eventually able to direct rescuers to his location.

A firefighter who used a water-rescue board was unable to return him to shore due to the tide. The harbormaster used a patrol boat to get both the rescuer and Bell.