• Man arrested in connection with case of NH teen Abby Hernandez

    CONWAY, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com / AP) -- A man has been arrested in connection with the case of a New Hampshire teenager who was missing for nine months.

    Nathaniel Kibby, 34, of Gorham N.H., was arrested Monday afternoon on one count of felony kidnapping, for "knowingly confining Abigail Hernandez on October 9, 2013...with a purpose to commit an offense against her," the New Hampshire Attorney General's office said in a statement on Monday.

    Kibby was arrested at his home on Brookside Drive in Gorham and will be arraigned in court on Tuesday afternoon.

    "Abigail Hernandez provided the police with details of her kidnapping sufficient to warrant today's arrest," the AG's statement read.

    Abby Hernandez returned home late last Sunday night. She went missing in October and was last seen leaving her high school and walking down a nearby road. In December, when Abby was still missing, Kibby appeared in a Conway court pleading guilty to marijuana possession, paying a $350 fine.

    When she reappeared at home, she was reportedly wearing the same clothes she was last seen wearing in the fall.

    Last week, investigators announced they were looking for a man Abby says drove her away. They released a sketch of the man who was reportedly driving a navy blue pick-up truck and is described as slightly overweight with a large build, "darkish" skin, dark brown eyes and black stubble on his face.

    Abby’s family released a statement Friday night thanking everyone who helped with the teen’s case and noting that her health has “deteriorated” and she’s lost weight.

    On Monday morning, Zenya Hernandez, Abby's mother, went on national television and said that when Abby returned, she had "a look in her eyes I've never, ever seen before. And that's something that's haunting me, and I think will haunt me for the rest of my life."

    The mother also said in the television interview that rumors that her daughter was pregnant aren't true.

    Roger Lawrence, 66, who lives in the same mobile home park as Kibby, said he met him last summer while Kibby was walking his dog. He didn't know him well but exchanged pleasantries with him.

    "He seemed to be nice, down to earth. He was very polite," Lawrence said.

    Lawrence said he didn't see Kibby all winter, but saw him Saturday, walking past his home to get his mail. He was shocked to hear of the arrest.

    "No words can explain it. I was ready to wring his neck. I was very surprised," he said. "I was wondering what happened to that little girl myself, seeing it on the news, thinking, 'Where could she have gone?'"

    Donald St. Germain, 76, who lives three trailers down from Kibby's home said he doesn't know Kibby and rarely saw him.

    "The only time I saw him was this spring when he had to fix the roof on his trailer," he said.

    St. Germain said he noticed police in the mobile home park around noon Monday.

    Anyone with information regarding Kibby and any activity at his home since Oct. 9, 2013, is asked to call the New Hampshire State Police at 603-271-3636, or the Conway Police at 603-356-5715.

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