• Man accused in kidnapping of three women will be under suicide watch


    CLEVELAND (AP) — A prosecutor in Cleveland says the three women who were missing for about a decade until they were found Monday in the home of Ariel Castro had been beaten repeatedly and sexually assaulted.

    Brian Murphy is accusing Castro of using the women "in whatever self-gratifying, self-serving way he saw fit."

    Castro appeared in court this morning for arraignment on charges of rape and kidnapping. Bond was set at $8 million. He looked down at the floor for nearly the entire hearing, and didn't speak.

    Investigators say the women endured a decade in captivity inside a dingy home where they were raped and were allowed outside only a handful of times. One of them gave birth to a daughter.

    Police say the women were apparently bound by ropes and chains at times and were kept in different rooms.

    Castro is charged with four counts of kidnapping -- covering the captives and the daughter -- and three counts of rape.

    A public defender who represented him in court today said he would be transferred from a city jail medical unit, and would probably be under suicide watch while at the county jail.

    She says he didn't have a chance to talk to his two brothers, who were arrested and were then cleared without charges.

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