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Malden woman arrested in Saugus pot bust


credit: Massachusetts State Police

SAUGUS ( – A 22-year-old Malden woman was arrested in a pot bust Sunday night in Saugus.

Darne Ricci was driving a 2007 Mercedes E63 on Route 1 when she was pulled over by Trooper Zachary Bolcome for excessive tinting and a missing front plate. Massachusetts State Police said Trooper Bolcome could smell a heavy odor of fresh marijuana and asked Ricci to hand over any marijuana that she might have in the car.

State police said Ricci initially handed over a few small bags that led to the discovery of five individually-wrapped pounds of marijuana.

Ricci was taken into custody for possession with intent to distribute a Class D substance and booked at the State Police Barracks in Danvers. She was bailed out several hours later.

Ricci was scheduled to appear in Lynn District Court on Monday.