• Malden Postal worker charged for stealing over 7,000 pieces of mail, Christmas presents

    WOBURN (MyFoxBoston.com)—  A former postal worker who allegedly stole thousands of pieces of mail containing personal Christmas cards and gifts was indicted on Friday

    Steven Bozzi, 36, was indicted on multiple charges including breaking into a depository, officials say. Police arrested Bozzi in February after they reportedly saw him open and take mail from several collection boxes. Officials searched his home and found 7,689 pieces of mail. Over 5,000 pieces had been open.

    Malden police recovered a computer, six cell phones, over 20 gift cards, multiple driver's licenses, IDs and thousands of pieces of personal mail from Bozzi’s home. All unopened mail was sent to its designated address.

    Bozzi is scheduled to be arraigned on June 25 in Woburn Superior Court.

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