• Mainly sunny Tuesday, mix of snow and rain expected Thursday



    By lunch time, the 20s will be back on the coast and teens inland. Highs will land between 20 to 28 degrees. Boston will reach the middle 20s both today and tomorrow under mainly sunny skies. A few ocean effect clouds and perhaps a stray flurry will impact the outer Cape both mornings.
    There are still uncertainties surrounding Thursday's storm. It will move in as snow initially. The first flakes will fall around 7 a.m. If we get lucky, maybe it'll miss the morning commute.
    After brief snow, a change to rain will spread across Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Coast. Cold rain will be the main precipitation type in these spots.
    The South Shore, Boston, Metro West and North Shore will experience a later change to rain, allowing a bit more accumulation. The inland extent of the rain/snow line is a tricky call at this time with a lot of disagreement between the models. My best estimate is it gets to 128 if not 495.
    Therefore, inland areas like the Worcester Hills, Merrimack Valley and southern NH stick with all snow. It will be heavy and wet—hard to shovel and conducive to power outages with added weight to tree limbs and power lines. At least 6" of snow is probable, maybe even a foot in some spots.
    Wind will become strong and gusty: NE sustained 15-30 mph. The coastal flooding threat does not appear great. There remains a low chance of minor flooding at east facing beaches Thursday/Friday for now.
    The event will end with a final blast of snow late Thursday. It should turn dry Friday morning before more light snow early Saturday.

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